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DRÊVE is a well-known company that integrates technology, brand, production line and marketing in Malaysia. It is committed to advocating women's self-employment and improving their quality of life. Through high-quality products, it helps members to achieve the freedom of wealth.

Since its establishment, it has created numerous financially independent women, with a business map across Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc., and won several international awards.

DRÊVE's products have always set off a boom in many countries, are loved by consumers. They have always been the top single hot selling product in many countries.

Business Philosophy

Consumer-oriented, the team contributes to the brilliant, quality-oriented, wealth as the fruit to achieve the brand, and integrity to the future.

Vision &


Core value


In Pursuit of the Ultimate Professional


Oriented by word of mouth and results


Adhere to cutting-edge innovation


One person walks fast enough, a group of people go further


Become the world's most influential global health platform


  • Improve human health and health awareness
  • Encourage women to start their own businesses to improve their quality of life, succeed in becoming rich, and achieve their dreams