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/ Founder of DRÊVE /


Malaysia Top 20 Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019

Golden Phoenix Award 2018 Excellence Entrepreneur Awards

"My name, my story is your spiritual motivation."

In 2015, DIONE was a 20-year-old woman. When no one was optimistic, she entered the micro-business platform and quickly led the team to expand to a thousand people to achieve her first million ringgit sales performance, and continue to created a ten millions ringgit sales performance at her 23 years old.

She is an outstanding entrepreneur, and also a good wife and mother, affected the lives of countless people. Her extraordinary achievements have made her won the Golden Phoenix Award 2018 Excellence Entrepreneur Awards, and the Malaysia Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019.

Her career has whirlwind in Malaysia. She not only opens the physical storefront, but also combines online and offline, and advocates a healthy and beautiful life, promoting "scientific internal shaping, reducing fat and not reducing health." The concept is the famous post-95 entrepreneurs in Malaysia.