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Zoe start her business with RM500 since 15 year old. She entered the micro-business platform to sell slimming products, and persuaded many women to live through their own effects. Confident and quickly achieve four-digit stable income within six months.

17-year-old she was founding female intimate care product Sweet spot, although it failed in the end , but she still stay positive and continue to move forward. In 2019, Zoe successfully founded the first major brand of private maintenance in Malaysia - SS Guardian, and was awarded the authority of gynecology in Malaysia. It has created 10 million achievements and has become one of the famous entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

She not only have her own brand, but also has a relationship with DRÊVE. As a DRÊVE COO, she has been quietly contributing to the behind-the-scenes, helping a lots of people to succeed through her own experience. She thanked Dione for trust.

"Determining yours is not just a pattern, but a mentality and thinking." Now 23-year-old Zoe not only has brilliant achievements in the micro-business platform, but also combines with D RÊVE to set off a new craze in Malaysia. The new concept of “reducing fat whitout reducing health” has been well received by the market.

She share that if someone wish to success, must seize the opportunity and take action. Althought is young people, as long as you stick to your own ideas, boldly try to innovate, improve your ability, and not be afraid of failure, you are the next winner.